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25 newly added | mixed bag of 45s

Here’s another group of nice records up for grabs. All orders paid before 3pm go the same day. Thanks for looking. Click images/titles etc for sounds/descriptions.

Heavy on the disco funk

This time around the pickings are leaning heavily on the funky side of disco as well as some solid 70s modern numbers and a light dusting of crossover. Loads of fine records here, a few lesser knowns but mainly solid, established bangers. One copy only on all of them. Over the next few months expect […]

Tough-end hard 45s

New list – mainly 60s boogaloo/hard funky R&B – heavy on the big drums and screaming hammond. Don’t take my word for it, check the mix below…

13th March 2017 | Soul and Funk 45s

Here’s this week’s list of soul and funk 45s. Check clips on stuff that you don’t know – all orders paid by 3:30 today (Monday 13th) or by 3pm after that. Reminder to non UK people – shipping is actually available again (has been for a while) – everything goes registered. Thanks for looking

Twenty for a Thursday

Here’s another handful of good 45s – nice mix of funk and soul here – check the clips on things you might not recognise – some easily overlooked good stuff here. All paid orders by 3pm go the same day Cheers

New arrivals | This week’s soul and funk 45s list

Here’s a new bunch of 45s to cast your eyes over – nothing over £20 and all good slabs of music on vintage vinyl stuff. While you’re here if you want to bulk out your collection with more cheap 45s check out my compadres’ (Soul Brother Records’) new 45s list here And if you fancy […]

25 New arrivals | 20th February 2017

Here are another 25 newly arrived 45s – all cheapies, all goodies. Some great records here – mainly 70s soul, a few northern-ish sounds, some slower stuff, some funk. Ripe for people who want to stock their lives with good, affordable MUSIC (*keyword is music) on lovely old vinyl (or sadly, styrene where applicable) See the list online […]

Fresh in | Over 125 soul and funk 45s

Big update just made to the site – a lot of really good records here. All have clips, nothing will break the bank. I know people like bank-breakers but those are coming later: for now, just good records that are essential collection/listening/(and god-forbid) DJing sounds. All paid for orders by 3pm go the same day. […]

New arrivals | Freshly added Soul and Funk 45s

Just added another 30 records to the site – a real mix of good stuff here all from the collection and all decent music – lots of affordable 45s that shouldn’t be overlooked – a wise man once said “not everything that makes a nice sound has to be expensive…”. True. I’ll be taking the […]

Fiver each or 10 for £25! |

Here are a load of £5 records that become £2.50 records when you grab 10 in one go. Not bad, eh? Fill up! See here Anything bought before 3pm goes the same day. All 45s should have working clips, too.