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Harry Beckett – Still Happy

Condition: Sealed

Previously unreleased three track LP that was originally recorded in 1974 for BBC 2, ‘Still Happy’ is a fabulous glimpse into the talent of UK jazz players from the time. ‘Bracelets of Sound’ is a funky slow burner that builds and builds throughout with more and more instruments engaging over its 13:56 minute duration. ‘Still Happy’ is a pacey, beat heavy funker that has hip-hop appeal as well as an interest for jazz fans: a rapid fire bass underpins the busy brass all the time kept in line by Robin Jones’ supreme percussion. ‘No Time For Hello’ is again a blisteringly quick, percussion heavy ‘chase theme’ style tune that expands in many directions that allows the individual parts to disperse and converge. Totally essential!

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Harry Beckett – Bracelets Of Sound

Harry Beckett – No Time For Hello

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