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New album additions up now – no clips on these yet – haven’t had time – but the main tracks are mentioned so likely to be found on youtube. See them here

Modern Vintage 45s

Long ago I did this website called witchsbrew (named after Walter Grady’s record label of ‘nearly’ the same name. Think The Blenders, Soul Hustlers, Electric Express, John McCain, True Transfusion and loads more. That was him. Interesting fella, Mr Grady…spoke to him a few times in the early 2000’s. Quite a character) Anyway, the website was a bit of a channel for spreading info about new release funk and soul – mainly on 45s. The output in those days was building rapidly as the movement grew. New bands seemed to crop up on a monthly basis and the site was a good way to share and spread the word.

I’ve just dug out some ‘archived’ 45s from around that period and beyond. There are also reviews that I have managed to salvage thanks to the crazy Wayback machine internet archiver thing, so the reviews (where they exist) are my original write ups from when I was younger and probably more gobby. And swore more. Or swore slightly more than I do now days. I’m trying to be a fucking role model to my kids, you see.

Anyway, most of these are one copy only things. Give it 10 years and I’ll be one of those people moaning on Facebook about how ‘I had 30 copies of that, sold most of them, ended up selling the last one for 3 quid: how the hell is it now worth XXXX’. You just know it’ll happen…

Latest 12 inch singles additions
Newly added - James Brown and related 45s...

Just added a bunch of 45s from and related to the Godfather of Soul, Mr James Brown. Most are single copies and all are examples of JB and crew at their best. Load up your box with some rock hard soul from the “Hardest working man in showbiz…” Check them here

Want mo’ funk? See mo’ funk here

New Mix...
Some people have asked for a playlist. I’ll work on that in due course. In the meantime, spread the love and share 🙂


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