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K.I.C – You Don’t Want My Love (New Hit)

  Many years ago (in 2004 in fact), when I had this website called witchsbrew, I had the good fortune to communicate with a guy called Ross Whitney who produced and arranged two sides for an obscure and short lived Detroit disco act called K.I.C. I’d recently traded for the record with Soul Sam (think […]

On The Night Shift – an all-nighter fiction.

“A Dreamy, syrupy fable about a boy who hearted soul music…” “Imaginary tales of talc, transport and travails” “Crap. He wasn’t even there. Next!” “Is this another romanticized account of how it wasn’t?” Somewhere up north – after hours travelled on lamp-less back roads and head-lit motorways, Services flashing past like apparitions and hedgerows blotting […]

Who Gives a Damph F’Aint?

This is an archival interview originally published on witchsbrew back in 2001. THE HERB JOHNSON RE-ISSUE…’ISSUE’ A balanced look at the polemics of identical re-issue funk 45’s Need to hear a deep funk classic but can’t just drop by a venue at any time of the day? Want to impress your friends and make your […]

THE BAMBOO’S: Super funk from down under…

This is an archival interview originally published on witchsbrew back in 2001.  GOT YOUR HANDS ON ONE OF THESE BEAUTIES YET? Amidst the bickering and cursing and colourful exchanges of opinion currently ‘in-vogue’ throughout the Western Hemisphere comes a no-nonsense group that one day just looked up at the rest of this sorry planet and […]

How Deep Is Your Funk?

This is an archival feature originally published on witchsbrew back in 2001. How times change, huh? Or, maybe not! Deep Funk? The image of the Northern Soul scene – from the point of view of somebody who hasn’t witnessed the phenomenon first hand over the last twenty-five years – is one of a devoted and […]

Ernie & The Top Notes interview

There are few 45’s that have appeared on so many ‘wants lists’ as the New Orleans masterpiece ‘Dap Walk’ courtesy of Ernie & The Top Notes. One of the first in the ‘new wave’ of sought after rare funk gems, it was brought to the wider public’s attention through it’s inclusion on Keb Darge’s Legendary […]

Bad Medicine – Trespasser (Enyx)

In 1974 Enyx Records released their second ’45. The group was Bad Medicine. The track was ‘Trespasser’. 25 years later it becomes widely sought after, although there isn’t anything ‘obviously funky’ about this sinister instrumental. Label boss Arthur Lane explained how the track came about and gave a brief history of Bad Medicine and Enyx […]